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Webdynpro : Error in CHECKBOX ... Context binding of property CHECKED cannot be resolved

Apr 26 at 06:17 PM


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I am looking for a clean solution based on the error below:

Error message: Error in CHECKBOX "ZGROUP_BY" of view "/WCG/CMS_MHA_UI_MHA_02.CONFIG_MAIN": Context binding of property CHECKED cannot be resolved: Node COMPONENTCONTROLLER.1.SERVICE_CONFIG_TREE.4.SERVICE_CONFIG.1.S_CORRESPONDENCE does not contain any elements

Here my context view and how it is mapped to the UI:

Both the nodes S_CORRESPONDENCE and its subnode GENERIC has supply functions and Lead Initilization switched 'ON'. The cardinality for S_CORRESPONDENCE is 0..n where as for GENERIC it is 0..1

The issue I'm been faced here is when there are no records to display, the table needs to be shown empty but I been thrown with the error as above. If I remove the 'Generic Section' from the UI it works I.E. empty table is shown but with it the error is pointed to as:

Error in CHECKBOX "ZGROUP_BY", ZGROUP is none but the checkbox "Group by period".

Tried various options like changing the cardinality and other stuff but still the exception. Also tried with the below level of segregation but still retaining the cardinality definition for the subnodes S_CORRESPONDENCE and GENERIC yet the same issue related to checkbox:

Though I have a workaround already in place, I feel that this is not an apt solution. The workaround is to have an internal table with empty values mapped to the context when no data is retrieved

Pls your thoughts on how to get this resolved and why this error?

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2 Answers

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Amy King Apr 26 at 07:31 PM


I believe the issue is the GENERIC node is a child of 0..N node S_CORRESPONDENCE. That means there are N checkboxes, one for each element of the S_CORRESPONDENCE node. When S_CORRESPONDENCE has no elements, its child GENERIC node is null and so the binding is invalid. I know you tried putting everything beneath a new S_CORRESPONDENCES node. Instead maybe try putting the GENERIC node directly beneath CONTEXT rather than inside another node and defining it as 1..1 so it gets initialized.


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Prabhu S Apr 27 at 10:49 AM

Thkx Amy for your response. Adding everything beneath a new S_CORRESPONDENCES node worked after enabling the cardinality of GENERIC node to 1..1 which had initialised the lead function.

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