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Oct 20, 2008 at 10:36 AM

Creating folders for Word Templates in ICWebC (CRM 6.0)



we are using CRM 6.0 and have implemented the IC WebClient as an UI for Call Center Agents and Key Account Manager.

I have created several Word Templates using the Design Tool and created also a corresponding Web Service with the Web Service Tool.

When I would like to add an attachment to a person (BUS1006), I can select one of the created Word Templates (selecting the button "With Template"): In here a new window with all templates are displayed. I can select one and all the data is going to be filled into my created template. Up to here, everything is working probarly.

But now, I want to have folders and also subfolders to store the created templates in them. We have more then 100 Word Templates and to increase the usability, it is desired to put the word templates in folders and subfolders.

How can I create these folders and put the word templates into the corresponding folders. In SAP there is a transaction CRM_KW_TEMPL; in which it is possible to see document templates. In here it is possible to create folders and subfiolders and to put the created word templates into them. But then, when I open the view in the ICWebC, the folders are visible but can not be opened, as it is usually done in a tree-structure.

Is this the right place to create the folders? If so, what do I do wrong or miss? If it is not the right place, where can I do the desired folders?

In CRM 5.0 this was possible! Created folders and subfolder where visible in the ICWebC and CIC!!!

Furthermore, according to another project member, the transaction CRM_KW_TEMPL will no more be available in the next CRM release, CRM 7.0, which will be available next year! So, what must be done then to maintain the folders, if this transaction will no more be available?

And the last problem is: Is it possible to set user rights for accessing the different templates? Just like to define, which user group is allowed to use/see which templates resp. folders containing the word templates?

Every helpful answer will be rewarded with points.

Thanks and regards


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