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Oct 20, 2008 at 09:56 AM

Definition of constant structures with TYPE


On, there is an example for defining a complex constant:

           name(20)    TYPE c  VALUE 'Fred Flintstone',
           street(20)  TYPE c  VALUE 'Cave Avenue',
           number      TYPE p  VALUE  11,
           postcode(5) TYPE n  VALUE  98765,
           city(20)    TYPE c  VALUE  'Bedrock',
           END OF myaddress.

In this statement, the structure itself (which fields exist, what is their type) is defined in the CONSTANTS statement. I would like to use a structured defined in the data dictionary (LVC_S_COLO in my case) and simply define the values of each field in the CONSTANTS statement.

Is it possible to define a constant based on a dictionary structure type and just define the values of the fields in the CONSTANTS statement, or do you always have to define the structure type manually when you create a constant structure?