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Lock problem in IP Web Model

Hello, Experts;

I need some help with IP Web Models.

We've built a planning application with Integrated Planning, and we have troubles with autorization variable. We restrict access depending on 0PROFIT_CTR values, with a profit center node authorization variable. This variable is inside all our filters, and works fine in queries. We only see what we must see.

And this variable is ready for input, so users can restrict profit centers before entering web models. If a users is authorizated to a profit centers node (all profit centers below that node), he/she can restrict access to only one profit center (one among authorizated ones) so this way he/she only locks just that profit center.

This way, users can work simultaneously having the same authorizations.

Problem is with planning secuences. These planning secuences work with the same IP filters, including profit center autorization, but it seems that planning sequences are missing that previous restriction that users can do selecting only one profit center in previous selection screen. If 2 users with same autorization enter the same planning web model, first one locks the other.

But if they choose 2 different individual profit center before, they don't lock each other when they run planning web model. There's no lock message in web model, BUT IT APPEARS WHEN THEY REFRESH DATA OR SAVE.

Any one knows how can we get it? We need IP sequences to use that previous profit center selection that users do before entering IP application.

We're in serious trouble, please help

Best regards.

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Oct 20, 2008 at 04:59 PM

    Hi Luisma,

    I would get that there is something wrong with the varialbe binding.

    See [].

    Could you please check the variable binding in the WAD?

    Regards Matthias

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    • Former Member Luisma Riosalido


      you are using the same variable ZPROF_AUTH in both filters.

      You wrote:

      In fact, that statement for binding shouldn't be necessary, because there's no diferent authorization variables. It's always the same, all the time.


      But as I mentioned before the variables for the query and the variables for the sequence live in different container. They need to be connected using the variable binding. So you need to do the variable binding always; even if the variables are the same. The binding should be defined by the user always. Variable binding is not based on the name of the variable!!!

      Could it be a matter of selecting variables properties in web model??? We mark "Display variable screen" and "Display same variables only once" in behaviour properties, but dismark the others.

      I do not think, that the above is the reason. I would focus on the variable binding.

      What I would do in your case:

      - create a new variable (not based on authorization) and include it in the filter for the planning sequence

      - delete the variable ZPROF_AUTH from the filter of the planning sequence

      - model the variable binding in the template to hand over the value of ZPROF_AUTH (query filter) to your new variable in the filter of the planning sequence

      - unmark display screen ( because the user should not be able to change the contents of the new variable) (you may not want to do this right now, it can be done later as well)

      - start your webtemplate and append &DEBUG=X to the url of the web template and press ENTER. This restarts the query and gives some debugging informations, e.g. the variable binding

      Hope this helps