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Former Member
Oct 20, 2008 at 09:24 AM

Delta load failled.


Hi all,

My delta request has failed due to time out but the data came to PSA only not to DTs Cube and ods . instead of of laoding from PSA i had load the data again with a new request by changing the QM status of the request to red forcefully and i had delete the request from all the DTs.

now i have 2 request in the PSA n i have loaded the 1st request successfully into the DTs. but when i saw in the 2nd request i am able to see the duplicate records which r der in the 1st request.

Now my question is if i load the 2nd request into the DTs do i get the duplicate records as the DT is also a cube along with ods. whats the solution for this issue. pls help me out.