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HANA VIEW properties shows execution with HINT but SQL query and SHW LOGS doesnt

Apr 25 at 10:30 PM


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Hi HANA Experts,

I have created a HANA VIEW and properties of it (EXECUTION HINTS) shows respective hint option. However, in data preview - SHOW LOGS or SQL query does not have the same (NO_HASH_JOIN). How would i get to know, property setting and SQL query are in SYNC. (Attached is a reference)


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1 Answer

Lars Breddemann
Apr 26 at 02:49 AM

The hints that can be entered in the view definition are not SQL hints! Please see the documentation and relevant SAP notes on details for this.

Even if you enter a hint in the view definition, it won't show up as text in the SELECT statement as it is stored in the definition of the view.

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I think the question is...

1. When we execute data preview on the calculation view, are the hints in the view definition being applied or not?

2. Based on the log, we see the SQL statement generated by the data preview and it does not show the hints applied (see picture of the log). Is there a reason why data previews do not apply the hints or are the hints being applied and we are just not seeing it in the log.?



1. Yes, they are.

2. As explained, the kind of hints set in the view definition is different from SQL hints. And you won't see them in the SQL used to query the view.