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Oct 19, 2008 at 06:30 PM

Automatic Serial numbers



We serialize our laptops. When ever we place an order for laptops vendor supplies laptops those are serialized in an order, and mentions first and last serial number. At the time of GR Store Clerk wants to enter First serial number in that lot and wants system to generate rest. How can I handle this. Is there any configuration behind this. Please answer as soon as you can.

Ex: PO for 10 laptops

Vendor supplies 10 laptops with serial numbers 12380 to 12389, Store clerk wants to enter just first serial number i.e. 12380 system should gernerate rest. This process should happen for all the subsequent PO's as well. For the next order vendor sends 12760 to 12769, Store Clerk wants to enter just 12760, system should generate rest.

Thanks in advance,