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Adding Assignment Block

Hi experts,

I've been asked to enhance a standard overview screen by adding a standard assignment block and populating it with data.

The standard overview in question is the Service Contract Line Item OV screen. We need to add a new block for Billing Plan. The standard system has Billing Plan assignment blocks for Service, Usage, and Pool. Since we have condigured a new Billing Plan type, a new billing plan assignment block is expected for it.

I've been successful so far in adding the new standard assignment block BSP component to the Service Contract Line Item OV, by adding a new Component Usage for it in the Runtime Repository of the OV.

However, this new assignment block is not being populated with data. My question is, how do I go about populating it with data? Do I need to make changes to the BOL and GENIL?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!



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2 Answers

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    Oct 19, 2008 at 02:54 AM


    By adding your component in to runtime repository and calling it in overviwew page gives only the view of your component.

    Important here is to understand is how to get data in your component. You need to bind your data with custom controller which you want to use for your component.

    First as you rightly said, identify your context node and relationship from genil_model_browser.

    Second, create your custom controller using the bol model that you identified.

    Third, in the component controller implementation class wd_create_context, you need to write code saying if component usage is your component usage the custom controller equals your custom controller.

    Fourth, you need to bind your context node with your cuco node.

    After following all four steps you will be able to see saved data and populate data in your view.

    give pts if helpful. If you need futher help then get back to me.

    Best regards

    Pankaj Kumar

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    • Former Member

      Thanks Pankaj, that is a very good reply that gives me much needed guidance on how to proceed. I've awarded points to your reply.

      I will update this post if I have anymore questions. Thanks again!

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    Oct 29, 2008 at 08:51 AM

    I was able to fix this without much coding. The problem I had was that there were specific Assignment Blocks for each standard configuration setting. The cofiguration setting in question was Billing Plan subtype. For example, in the standard system, Billing Plan subtypes 1 and 2 existed in table CRMC_BP_SUBTYPE and for each of these, there existed an Assignment Block (labeled accordingly) on the Service Contract Item Detail screen (BSP comp BT252I_USCN).

    Turns out that each standard configuration had a corresponding BOL relationship created for it by SAP. This relationship is then used in the component controller to hardcode the population of data into each assignment block.

    To resolve this, I had to modify the BOL model (by adding new relationship for our custom configured Billing Plan subtype), then enhance all hardcoding to include the new subtype when populating data into the assigment blocks.

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