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Oct 18, 2008 at 02:25 PM




We are using ECC 5.0 here. Our DB is Oracle and OS is AIX.

We have a problem here.

Our Finance people run a report "S_ALR_87013542". It was working fine.

But now it is giving an error with ABAP Dump. The error is MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING.

I have increased the parameter "rdisp/PG_SHM" to the double value. Now the value is 16384. But it is still giving the same error.

I increased it on a Dialog Instance (application server through which Finance people access SAP)

I searched the notes, but could not find anything relevant about my error.

I have tried to run the report in the night when there is no load on the server. But even then it gives the same error.

My different Memory Paramters for the App server for finance people are listed below:-

ztta/roll_area 3000320

rdisp/ROLL_SHM 16384

rdisp/ROLL_MAXFS 32768

rdisp/PG_SHM 16384

rdisp/PG_MAXFS 32768

abap/heap_area_dia 2000683008

abap/heap_area_nondia 2000683008

abap/heap_area_total 2000683008

abap/heaplimit 40894464

abap/swap_reserve 20971520

ztta/roll_extension 2000683008

My ABAP dump gives this error:-

Error analysis

The ABAP/4 runtime system and the ABAP/4 compiler use a common

interface to store different types of data in different parts of

the SAP paging area. This data includes the

ABAP/4 memory (EXPORT TO MEMORY), the SUBMIT REPORT parameters,

CALL DIALOG and CALL TRANSACTION USING, as well as internally defined

macros (specified with DEFINE).

To store further data in the SAP paging area, you attempted to

allocate a new SAP paging block, but no more blocks were


When the SAP paging overflow occurred, the ABAP/4 memory contained

entries for 55 of different IDs.

Please note:

To facilitate error handling, the ABAP/4 memory was


How to correct the error

The amount of storage space (in bytes) filled at termination time was:

Roll area...................... 16128

Extended memory (EM)........... 418992800

Assigned memory (HEAP)......... 0

Short area..................... " "

Paging area.................... 40960

Maximum address space.......... 4294967295

By calling Transaction SM04 and choosing 'Goto' -> 'Block list',

you can display an overview of the current roll and paging memory

levels resulting from active users and their transactions. Try to

decide from this whether another program requires a lot of memory

space (perhaps too much).

The system log contains more detailed information about the

termination. Check for any unwanted recursion.

Determine whether the error also occurs with small volumes of

data. Check the profile (parameter "rdisp/PG_MAXFS", see

Installation Guidelines).

Is the disk or the file system that contains the paging file

full to the extent that it cannot be increased, although it has

not yet reached the size defined in the profile? Is the

operating system configured to accommodate files of such a


The ABAP processor stores different types of data in the SAP paging area

. These include:

(1) Data clusters (EXPORT ... TO MEMORY ...)

(2) Parameters when calling programs (SUBMIT REPORT ...),

dialog modues (CALL DIALOG ...) and transactions


(3) Internally defined macros (DEFINE ...)

Accordingly, you should check the relevant statements in a program

that results in an overflow of the SAP paging area.

The EXPORT statement is particularly critical - specifically when many

internal tables, possibly with different IDs, are written to the


Kindly help