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ATC Check on S/4 1610 get Tool failures


I have created my own rules on Code inspector.

The rules work perfectly with the SCII transaction.

But when I run through ATC, I get the Tool Failure issue :

transaction SE10, select the Transport request:

menu : Request/Task --> Complete check --> Object

& when I go in transaction ATC, Monitor control runs :

The code to report the error is in the redefined method run( ).

              p_sub_obj_type = cl_ci_test_root=>object_type
              p_sub_obj_name = cl_ci_test_root=>object_name
              p_test         = gc_my_name
              p_code         = lv_err_type
              p_param_1      = cl_ci_test_root=>object_name

I see the previous message :

But the note 2381471is not applicable for my version.

The class I created is based on the CL_CI_TEST_DDIC

I create my own errors

    super->constructor( ).

*   Create the Control DDIC
    description       = 'Control naming rules'(101). "required
    category          = 'CL_CI_CATEGORY_CONVENTIONS'. "required
    version           = '000'. "required
    transport         = c_true.
    add_obj_type( c_type_ddic_table ).
    add_obj_type( 'DEVC' ).

*   Indicate there is some attributes
    has_attributes = c_true.

*   Create error message for naming convention.
    fill_message gc_code_ddic_error      c_error TEXT-100 gc_exceptn_by_table_entry.
    fill_message gc_code_workbench_error c_error TEXT-102 gc_exceptn_by_table_entry.
    fill_message gc_code_dtel_error      c_error TEXT-e02 gc_exceptn_by_table_entry.
    fill_message gc_code_doma_error      c_error TEXT-e01 gc_exceptn_by_table_entry...

And if I used a false value in the inform() method, I have not the Failures, but the error is not filed.

Best regards


bug-1.png (14.5 kB)
bug-2.png (7.3 kB)
bug-3.png (3.2 kB)
bug-4.png (14.1 kB)
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1 Answer

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    Apr 29, 2018 at 05:42 AM


    as usual, simple answer :

    The error code is 4 char long in the parameter of the INFORM method , and 10 char in the structure SCIMESSAGE

    So if you create error code with more than 4 characters you will have my error

    @SAP: if there someone from SAP, my point of view, this is not logical.


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