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Configuracion Localizacion

Apr 25 at 02:06 PM


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Buen día,

Realizando el proceso de localización, Cuando creo una solución especifica para un cliente (Customer-Specific Solution) y creo un nuevo Ítem (Business Configuration Set), me salen dos opciones como lo indica la siguiente imagen, y el programa me permite seleccionar la segunda opción(Use SAP Business Configuration Object) y con esto puedo continuar con el proceso de localización,

ahora el problema es, cuando creo una (Solution Template), y realizo los pasos anteriormente mencionados he ingresos a escoger la opción (Use SAP Business Configuration Object) NO me aparece habilitada, no me es posible seccionar esa opción

agradezco su colaboración

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Anant Acharya
Apr 27 at 11:18 AM

Dear Jairo,

The function Use SAP Business Configuration Object is only supported in Partner Development Tenant and it is not supported Test Tenant. Since you are using Test Tenant the function Use SAP Business Configuration Object is not enabled.

You might be using test system, please check your system role.



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Hola Anant

is something weird, I'm using a Development tenant, or so I think, a person here indicated that to know if it is a development tenant I must verify in Administration> Switch Customer, and this option is inhabited, and the weirdest thing is that sometimes allows me to create a Use SAP Business Configuration Object, sometimes appears enabled and sometimes disabled.

thank you very much for your help

Manasa A
Apr 26 at 02:56 PM

Dear Jairo,

Kindly updated your question in English language .

Thanks & Regards,


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hola Manasa

Good day, Performing the localization process, when I create a specific solution for a client and create a new item, I get two options as indicated in the following image, and the program allows me to select the second option (Use SAP business configuration object) and with this I can continue with the localization process,

now the problem is, when I create a (Solution Template), and I perform the steps mentioned above I have income to choose the option (Use SAP Business Configuration Object) I do not appear enabled, I can not section that option