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Former Member
Apr 25, 2018 at 09:53 AM

Planning plant in FL


Dear experts,

I have a following use case: part of the existing company is being carved-out and has to be migrated to the new company code. Hence the planning plant in Functionaol locations has to be changed.

Now, the existing structure has a standard form:

X first level

X-XX second level

X-XX-XX third level

Only the objects on the third level and below will get a new company code/planning plant.

I've tried to change the Planning plant directly - not possible since the field is greyed out (changing the maintenance plant was successful though). The data origin is telling me that the planning plant field is inherited from above, which is normal. Now, if I go to the Structure tab and delete the content of the 'Top FL' field, my FL on the third level basically becomes a new first level. At least now it should be possible to change planning plant, since there are no levels above anymore. But - still greyed out.

Any proposals how to deal with the issue?

Thanks in advance.