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Former Member
Oct 17, 2008 at 01:18 PM

SPAM disassemble phase very slow on test system


I am seeing incredibly slow performance in the disassemble phase of spam when applying support packs to QAS system.

The disassemble phase completed in 10 minutes when done on dev system which is the transport domain controller and is now at 20+ hours in qas.

I am currently seeing the system rebuild each support pack file in the trans\data directory structure at a snails pace.

This process may be much worst for me since I moved my QAS(test) system to an offsite location as part of our DR plan.

The created time on each file in the data directory matches when this was first done in DEV but it appears the contents of each file is being deleted and rebuilt. I verified the size of the files are the same before and after this rebuild process.

Can anyone tell me if this is expected behavior or make a recommendation for speeding up the process?