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Oct 17, 2008 at 10:43 AM

Use user-defined image in ALV tree instead of ICON


Hello Guru,

I want to put my own image in a ALV tree. I find the method 'cl_gui_alv_tree->add_node' seems to allow you use your own bitmap instead of system icon. The sample code I find is using SAP ICON as following.

Data: l_layout_node type lvc_s_layn,

lt_layout_item type lvc_t_layi,

ls_layout_item type lvc_s_layi.

if not p_item_image is initial.

ls_layout_item-fieldname = 'CARRID'.

ls_layout_item-t_image = '@91@'.

append ls_layout_item to lt_layout_item.


call method g_alv_tree->add_node


i_relat_node_key = p_relat_key

i_relationship = cl_gui_column_tree=>relat_last_child

i_node_text = p_node_text

is_outtab_line = p_sflight

is_node_layout = l_layout_node

it_item_layout = lt_layout_item


e_new_node_key = p_new_key.

But if you check structure lvc_s_layi in se11. It clearly said that 't_image' also support user-defined bitmap besides ICON.

Could anyone here can tell me how to upload my own bitmap into SAP and use it here.

Thank you in advance!


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