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Product specification as input in your BoM

Apr 24 at 01:05 PM


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Dear ByD expert,

I'm looking for a way to use product specification as input of my BoM.

Business Background. we have inventory with product specifications on stock. Regularly we need this inventory with product specification as input material in our production order.

how can we do this?

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1 Answer

Sandeep Y R
Apr 26 at 08:09 AM

Dear Reinaud,

The one way of utilizing Product Specification as a Input in BoM.

  • In master data of the input product, the Identified Stock Type field value should be selected as either Mandatory Specified Stock or Optional Specified Stock.

then system will automatically assign product specification of the output product to input products also. However, for the system to assign product specification of the output product to the available input product the below condition should be met.

I hope this should solve your query.



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Hi Sandeep,

it looks like your answer is not satisfying (I'm hoping I'm interpreting it wrong)

The problem is that all our input material are materials with PRS assigned. So when I create a BoM, and I give as input material A (without PRS, as I can't assign it). As a result the Multi level MRP run will create additional purchase proposals for the input material. (what I don't want, as we do have the input material (incl PRS) on stock)

what I'm looking for is when I create a BoM:

  • Input 1: Material A with PRS abc
  • Input: 2: Material B with PRS def
  • gives Output: Material C with PRS zzz

many thanks




Dear Rob,

Since Product, Planning area and Product Specification is a unique
planning segment ,system would not allow the consumption of a
different product specification in the Input product from that of the
output product.

The behavior of the system us as designed.

Let us know if this helps