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multiple context type business role request

Apr 24 at 12:15 PM


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Dear Team, Is it feasible to implement with IDM a Business Role request based on multiple context types ? Example : I request a role of Approver on our system, with two context types. One is the brand, and the other can be the product catalog branch. These two selected values are combined to select ONE privilege. We have one privilege for each couple of values on the two context type. If I have the role Approver for Brand1-ProdutA, Approver for Brand3-ProductZ. I don't have the permission on Brand3-ProductA nor the Brand1-ProdutZ. Is it possible to request a Business Role with a two context type at the same time, and with some privileges based on combinated values of the two context values ?

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Clotilde Martinez Apr 24 at 01:39 PM

Hello Didier,

to my knowledge, using the IDM standard, the only way to do that is to create as many contexts as you have combinations.

So if you need them, you'd have the Brand context entrytype and the Product context entrytype but also a Brand/Product context entrytype to build your combinations.

If you assign the same role with different contexts, you'll have two links in the database with the same role and two different contexts.



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Norman Nuernberger
Apr 24 at 01:05 PM

Hi Didier,

thats not possible, you only have one context per assignment.

It might be possible to assign the same role twice with different contexts, but I have never tried that. Maybe someone else did?



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Assigning twice times the same role with different context will not select the correct priv as I explain in my question.

As you know, in ABAP, some times, we have a role with multiple data restriction (purchase org, sales org, plant, ...). So IDM has to select, based on one BR request, only one composite regarding the business need (Brand + Product Catalog).

If we set more than one context type on a priv, IDM choose if one value is set or IDM need that all value are set ?

How SAP IDM can handle ABAP derived role on more than one derived axis ?

Best regards,