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Former Member
Oct 17, 2008 at 08:47 AM

u3010BIAu3011uFF1ARoallup Jobu3000failed.


Dear all,

Could you please teach the following thing.

The rollup job of BIA failed recently.And the situation is as follow.


①Index for the <tablename> is being processed.

Locking into index for the <tablename> locked by competion job.

InfoCube of competing process:・・・・

Attrivutes of characteristic <Tablename> are locked by change run.

u2193(Similar repetition ・・・・ [ten times])

②Loading into index for table <tablename> locked by competing Job.

Fill job for BIA index of Infocube <InfoCubename> terminated while filling.


Because processing had not been completed, the retrial was executed ten times in this job.

Then, I want to learn "Method of changing Retrial frequency" and

"Method of chaning Time until retrying it".

kind regards,