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Cost splitting by plan and actual quantities

Apr 23 at 06:15 PM


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Hi Experts,

I have created a splitting structure to split certain costs by plan activity quantity to create a plan activity price. However, for information only the function owners want to create a split and activity price based on actual quantity. How can this be done? I have at this time created the structure, assignment, and rule for the split by plan. There is one structure called. It has as its assignment the cost elements to be split and the rule that is defined by split by plan quantity. I don't see a way to have a rule to split by both plan and actual quantity. Is it possible to do so?

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Cansu Akay Apr 24 at 01:32 PM

Hi Kevin,

If you use different versions for plan and actual prices then you can assign the splitting structure rules to different versions. Such as;

From tcode "okes" go to "splitting rules" tab and create two different splitting structure rules. Then go to "selection of rules" tab and assign each rule to different version. After you finish the assignment, create one more splitting structure for actual version and assign the rule you created for that version. Then, when you go to tcode "kss2" use the version for actual price and when you go to tcode "kss4" use the version for plan price.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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Pavan Kumar Arvapally Apr 24 at 06:08 AM


Yes, it is possible to get the activity price calculation from the system using plan cost splitting and actual cost splitting methods.

The process to be followed:

Plan cost splitting:

  • Define Splitting Structure - OKES
  • Assign Splitting Structure to Cost Centers - OKEW
  • Assign the cost centers and cost elements in the splitting structure.
  • Maintain the plan quantities against cost center and activity type combination Kp26
  • Maintain the plan cost of cost centers, cost element, and activity type combination KP06
  • Execute the plan cost splitting KSS4

The same approach can be used for actual cost splitting. KSS2 is for Actual cost splitting.


Pavan Kumar Arvapally

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Former Member

Hi Pavan,

Thank you for the response. I configured the structure and performed the assignment. I created and assigned the rule split by plan activity quantity and then created a rule, split by actual activity quantity, and assigned it to the same structure as the plan quantity rule. When I run actual splitting it produces a warning message that two assignments have been made and the first one shall be read. Do I need to create two separate splitting structures one that will have the plan activity quantity rule and one for the actual activity quantity rule? How does SAP know when to use each structure? When I do plan splitting I would like it to read the split by plan quantity rule. When I do actual splitting I would like it to read the actual quantity rule.




Hi Kevin,

We can use the same splitting structure for both the plan and actual splitting purpose.

It is not required to create two structures for plan and actual.

The execution of cost splitting transaction is only the difference the source is same.

Create splitting structure using OKES.

Execute plan cost splitting using KSS4 - Splitting

Calculate Plan price using KSPI

Execute Actual cost splitting using KSS2 - Splitting

Calculate Actual Price using KSII


Pavan Kumar Arvapally