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SAP PI 7.5 How to get the Server Fingerprint

Apr 23 at 08:48 AM


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I am trying to find the server fingerprint for a new server.

Please can someone tell me how I find this.

I have been through some links but still can't find this. :(

I have server id, and port. Do i require any other information to get the finger print.

All help greatly appreciated.

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2 Answers

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Aamir Khan Apr 23 at 09:52 AM

Hi Glen,

You can find Server Fingerprint when you try to login to system via winscp for the first time.

When you provide your credentials over winscp, a popup will come, that popup contains the server fingerprint.

Save the fingerprint coming on that popup for your future reference.



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Hi Aamir,

So i should download winscp? Is there no other way of doing it in the SAP PI 7.5 framework?


Hi Glen,

The other way could be without downloading WINSCP. Just ask your Basis Team to try login to the Server through OS , there also FINGERPRINT can be seen once login is successful.

With Regards,

Vivek Jain


Hi Glen,

Not sure of any other way.

But this is the simplest way you can get your server fingerprint.

G SHIVA Apr 23 at 10:35 AM

Hi Glen,

If you login first time with any tools like File Zilla , WINSCP (you can download from net) you will get Server Fingerprint information . Otherwise, use dummy ServerFinger Print

information in a channel level with right SFTP server information (Server ,user , pwd) activated and see in channel monitoring you will right SFTP server Fingerprint information.

Best ,Shiva

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