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Oct 16, 2008 at 03:52 PM

Problems with language after upgrade?



We did an upgrade from 4.6C to 6.0 and as part of the upgrade the spanish language was imported again. SMLT was runned after the upgrade so it finished the import of the language because the upgrade do not import the whole language because it takes too much time.

Now when I enter DB13, ST03N or some other transactions, i get a mix between Spanish, German and English only if I logged in spanish, if I login in English then everything works just fine.

I've been looking for SAP notes about this and don´t find anything, does anybody knows about a note in reference to this problem or know how to solve this?

In another upgrade from 4.5B to 6 the samethig happens but the client did not matter about this as they usually login in English to do administrative tasks.