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Need for TECO before settlement

I've noticed a lot of replies from people indicating that the PM/CS order should be technically completed before settlement.

I have so far managed to avoid MM/SRV External Services, but I know for regular time confirmations, goods issues, receipt of purchase orders, you do not have to TECO the order before settlement.

You can also settle the order as many times as you like if further actual costs are accrued.

Is this the same for External Services MM/SRV?

I understood, from what I've read, that you can accept services in MM/SRV in steps (like a project) so it doesn't seem logical to have to wait for TECO before settlement.

With refurbishment orders, it would almost certainly make sense.

I'm wondering if that is where the perception that you have to technically complete an order before settlement is coming from?

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2 Answers

  • Oct 16, 2008 at 03:56 PM


    As you state, you can settle an order in either REL or TECO state. You can also settle multiple times. There is nothing standard in SAP that will force you to settle before or after TECO.

    When you settle is usually business/process dependent.


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    • Former Member H. Stephen Butterworth

      Hi H.SB,

      You can do the settlement of the Maintenance Order whenever the acual cost occured in the Order.

      If u confirm a single operation or consume any material and service u can settle the partially Confirmed order. There is absolutely no need of teco of the Order.

      Also for Refurbishemnt order whenever u consume material and labor for refurbishment u can settle the order. This is also logical in case u hv refurbish partially.

      Settlement can be done multiple times for MAintenance as well as Refurbishment order.


  • Oct 22, 2008 at 09:41 PM

    OK guy's, so we're all agreed an internal CS/PM work order and external service MM/SRV order do not require TECO before settlement.

    Now let me ask the direct question.

    Refurbishment order. I understood that the costs do not get posted to the order until is TECO'd.

    In that case, there would be nothing to settle until it is TECO'd.

    Have I got that wrong?

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    • Former Member

      Dear HSB,

      I don't think its like that in refurbishment order. If you can see actual cost in your order, either you have done TECO or not.

      As soon as the cost come in actual cost column you can do settlemnt. Check it by by doing time confirmation of order or goods issue in refurbishment order.


      Kaushal Rai