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Apr 26, 2018 at 03:58 AM

Count per line item on SAP Crystal Report


I have a set of data in Crystal reports that looks like below: You can see that each item, they have corresponding quantity.

However, there are no suppressed details in the report then the line-number should be equal to RecordNumber. So the following formula I got is:

NumberVar ItemNumber;

ToText(ItemNumber, 0) & "/" & ToText(Count({rpt_PackingSlip.LineNo}, {rpt_PackingSlip.WorkOrderNo}),0)

which resulted to:

Notice that it sums all the records in 1 SalesOrder.

But my desired output is:

Abbey should be 1/1

Charlotte should be 1/1


sample.jpg (13.5 kB)
correct.jpg (25.0 kB)