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Former Member
Oct 16, 2008 at 02:35 PM

How to rename a TR request


Dear Experts,

We have a R/3 4.7 system with SID R22 and ECC 6.0 system with SID W22. I have few requests in R/3 4.7 which I need to transport to ECC 6.0. So, I can do it copying the co-files and data files in usr/sap/trans.

My doubt is that request created in R/3 4.7 system will have request as R22K9XXXXX and when I copy the cofiles and data files and add this to import queue of ECC 6.0 with SID W22 I will get the request same as R22K9XXXXX, but I wanted it to be come in to queue as W22K9XXXXX.

For this what I have done is after copying the cofiles and data files in usr/sap/trans, I have renamed the files extensions to W22 from R22 and after that I have addedd the request to queue of ECC system from Extras->other request->add and got it in queue as W22K9XXXXX. But the main problem here is all that for all requests for which I am changing the extension to W22 from R22 is throwing a error message in last steps telling that request W22K9XXXXX does not exists.

Please can some one help me in this if I am making any mistakes and how to get the request transported as W22K9XXXXX