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Apr 25, 2018 at 02:09 PM

Batch Cleaning process in an Active Pharmaceutical Environment


Hello Gurus,

In our Production of 300 KG of FG or SFG, there are several reactors and some machines involved (e.g. in 1 location, there in 3 reactors, 1 filter). After these production processes are all done a cleaning process will take place for all the resources involved.

Our issue: We want to get the cost of the cleaning processes and link this in the process order (for example 4 process order is involved). We still don't know the proper channel on how to enter this cleaning process on SAP.

We don't want to include this cleaning processes in the process order because it is a separate process.

To get the cost of the labor, the machine, the electricity and the materials, can we enter all this cleaning procedure (e.g. 10 operations in 3 reactors) in Plant Maintenance instead?

If yes then can we enter all these operations and resources and materials involved in the cleaning in 1 notification and adopt this in a work order?

Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you.