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Apr 25, 2018 at 10:44 AM

VAT entry generation on Bank Commission


We are getting bank statement for Bank commission debits.

The bank sends us amount which is including the VAT amount also. i.e. the VAT amount is not shown separately. It is 5% of the bank commission.

We have defaulted tax code X5 (5%) for all the Bank commission postings. But system is not generating the VAT entry as it is calculated as a percentage of the bank commission amount which will make the document with unequal Dr. and Cr.

Is it possible to split the bank commission amount into Bank commission and VAT separately ?

i.e. when we enter 105 as bank commission through EBS, it should be posted as :

Bank commission 100 Dr.

VAT amount 05 Dr.

Bank a/c 105 Cr.

Please guide.(I changed the indicator 'tax on net amount' in FB00, but it is not working).