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Oct 16, 2008 at 06:23 AM

Cond. Type: PR00 is activated twice, Ser. Tax is getting wrongly calculated


Dear All,

How come is it possible that Condition Type: PR00 is happening twice, within a Sales Order and that to for a particular line item, out of other "n-1" line items?

For more information, one of the PR00 with Status - Ready (Yellow) [net value 74000] and just below to it, another PR00 is with Status - Active (Green) [Net Value is 90000].


--> UTXJ is getting calculated INR 10, 800 @12% on PR00 [with status Active];


--> JSER (Service Tax) is getting calculated Rs. 19800 @ 12%

--> JSE4 (ECess on service Tax) is getting calculated Rs. 393.60 @ 2%

--> JSE5 (SHE on Service Tax) is getting calculated Rs. 196.80 @ 1%

Important: Here System is taking both the Values i.e PR00 - Rs. 90000 + PR00 - 74000 in to consideration.

As an effect Tax-value become Rs. 20270.40 instead of Rs. 11124.00.

Also, Ideally if someone has wrongly entered Condition: PR00, later must be activated and former must be get de-activated (RED and not Yellow).

What has gone wrong in PP-Config?

Please advice.

Best Regards,



1. I may cancel the invoice and delete one of the Condition: PR00 (with Yellow status) and save the Sales Order. It will resolve the issue for the time-being; but i would like to know the cause, to avoid such incidences in future...

2. Screen-shot is attached.