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Why are there multiple overlapping tags related to "Adaptive Server Enterprise"

I see "SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise" and "Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise"? Which one is correct? By the way, where do I post a question like this? There's no "Community", "Questions", or "Answers" related tags

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  • Hi Ben,

    I think we currently have both because the people who developed the primary tags
    were confused by the change in the ASE product name (SAP has gradually been
    dropping use of "Sybase", so the name gradually morphed from "Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise"
    to "SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise" to "SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise".

    I would say that "SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise is the most correct name at this point,
    however as long as both tags are in use, I would treat them both as being correct
    but giving preference to the "SAP" one. (i.e. post with SAP... as the primary tag and
    Sybase... as a secondary tag; follow both). Perhaps at some point the two will be merged.

    The "Using" seems to be a reasonable place to ask questions about
    the new SCN.


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