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Apr 23, 2018 at 08:53 PM

Crystal Reports crashes when displaying reports - 32-bit runtime was wrong.


I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Crystal Reports for VS 2010 vs 22. I did this because Visual Studio was hanging, so I ended up deleting the SUO files. Once this was done, Visual Studio no longer hangs, but all of my settings were gone. I restored the settings but DataSets no longer were editable as it claimed that it was unable to initialize the Windows CE SQL Server Driver or the MySQL driver, neither of which I am using. Deleting those from the registry of Data Providers seemed to fix the problem.

However, Visual Studio no longer recognized .rpt files as editable, so I installed the latest version of the designer. After re-installing the latest version of Crystal Reports I was no longer able to view reports - Visual Studio crashed. I finally figured out that the re-installation had installed a 64-bit version of the run-time but not the 32-bit version. Re-installing that fixed the problem, although for some reason, all of my database connections in the Database Expert now need to be reloaded.

Suggestion for product development, when installing VS design environment, also install 32-bit run-time for debugging support.

Thanks, Neil