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Oct 15, 2008 at 05:23 PM

PP-VC Variable Bom


Hello, on a Kmat in Kmat scenario, I need help to setup a selection condition in the bom.

Scenario ex: We use Kmat because we would have too many configuration of a configurable material to create. When for a finish product KMAT we have a MTS configuration, we have the concept of Type matching.

The Kmat is replace with a FERT if an identical classified material exists.

--> At this level, everything is fine.

At the component we ca also have Kmats. In my scenario I have halbs and Kmat that represent the same kind of component.:

ex of component:

HALB_White plastic - If color is white

HALB_Black plastic : If color is Black

KMAT_PLASTIC: if not white or black; (ELSE)

The resulting bom contains one of the previous component only.

- Is there a way to infdicate to the system to pick the halbs first and if the conditions are not met, pick the KMAT? (maybe a kind of type match?)

- I tried the standard selection condition and in my case there's a lot of characteristics combinations to consider and it is very long to write...

Is there other possibilities with classification ?

I need some guidance