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PERSONAS : Can we rename a Control's ID?

Hi experts,

My need is very simple, yet i can't find a solution...When i create a custom control in my PERSONAS screen (label, input field etc.), i want to give it a custom ID! For now, i'm having a generated ID which is not very friendly to read like :

"wnd[0]/usr/txtPersonas_152448904728053" => not good looking

How can i change that "txtPersonas_152448904728053" by a useful text? (Found nothing in advanced option)

I want to do that because i have to duplicate my flavor manually from IW52 to IW53 (because there is no official copy function for a flavor from one tcode to another which are alike) and i have a lot of scripts using my screen's elements => I would like to avoid to go on each of my script and adapt the control's IDs.

Do i have to use the overwrite ID concept? Even if it's not the purpose of this concept?!


Kind regards,


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2 Answers

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    Apr 24, 2018 at 04:31 AM

    As Cris mentioned, you cannot rename the controls. These IDs are generated automatically and there is no feature to edit them.

    We are going to add the feature of copying a flavor between transaction codes in the soon upcoming SP07, but if you cannot wait until then, I can offer you a hack to do this.

    • Create a copy of your IW52 flavor that you want to copy to another transaction
    • Export this flavor to a local file via the Admin transaction
    • Physically delete your IW52 flavor copy (not just mark for deletion, but make sure you delete it permanently)
    • Open the exported ZIP file and look for the file flavor.GUID.xml in the archive. Extract that to your desktop
    • Edit the extracted XML and replace the APP_ID value with the target transaction code IW53
    • Replace the flavor.GUID.xml file in your ZIP archive with the edited XML and save it
    • Import the ZIP file via the Admin transaction

    This will result in your copied flavor, assigned to the other transaction that is 100% equivalent to the original flavor, so your scripts will still work the same like in the original transaction.

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    • It's like for everything, it would be useful for relevant things. It's up to the developer judgment to create or not a model. For my project, this functionality would have been useful :)

      Thanks for your time Tamas have a good day.



  • Apr 23, 2018 at 04:25 PM

    Hi Alexandre,

    AFAIK, this is not possible.

    Even though the name might be not good looking, you can always use the editor to pick the correct name.


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