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BED is Double in No ED setoff Conditions


Such scenarioes of manual excise is also applicable for receipts in

depot. e.g. when duty is paid w.r.t MRP, RG23D needs to be updated with

MRP less abatement for excise base value (instead of PO base value) and

BED @ applicable rate on MRP less abatement. In PO, the ED payable

w.r.t. MRP less abatement is shown as Manual Excise. How do we address

this issue?

For This We are Creating the ZMRP condition type for materials.. in this condition type we are maintaining the MRP value of material.

And Created the ZABT condition type for abatement (38%) and maintained the records.

And mainatained the ZED% for calculation of ED which calculated on ZMRP-Abartment charge(Suppose MRP value is 100 INR & the 38% Abttement means 100-38 on 62 INR ED is calulated.for this

ZED% maintained for material and plant specific.. and Assigned the Subtotal 5 for this Pricing

While in Setoff Tax code ED is calculted correct in Mfg plant as well as Depot.

But Depot is having the No ED setoff the ED is Becoming Double... The ZED% value is Adding the JMO2 value and Becoming double


Mahesh Naik

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    Oct 16, 2008 at 03:35 AM

    Dear Mahesh,

    I am not clear in your problem but there is a work around. U should set the %of duties to match the total price in eg. now your problem is that ZED% is getting double. for this particular material temporarily set % of ZED in JM02 . Now you check by creating a PO and doing the GR and MIRO for the material received.

    After the transaction is over u reset it back to the actual value. Check this senario and check that at this moment PO values should not be affected for other materials and try to avoid doing PO of other material till u finish this PO.

    If the above is not working out u have to manipulate basic price and the conditions accordingly and create the PO so as to get the values to be adjusted for setoff.

    We have faced this problem with BED as the basic price is given discount but the excise duty is charged according to the actual value.

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