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Oct 15, 2008 at 01:52 PM

Using Inventory Management in BI


We are trying to make use of inventory data in BI. Weu2019ve installed business content for the cube 0IC_C03 and followed the steps in u2018How tou2026 Handle Inventory Management Scenarios in BWu2019 to get the data to the cube. The best I can understand I've loaded and compressed in the right order.

When we run a report it only seems to be reporting on the opening balance as defined in the 2LIS_03_BX load. It does not appear to be looking at the material movements as loaded in 2LIS_03_BF to calculate balances in the past. We installed from business content the Stock Overview report. Here is a sample of what Iu2019m seeing when drilled into a specific material that I know had inventory movements in 07 & 08 of 2008:

06/2008 1,002 EA

07/2008 1,002 EA

08/2008 1,002 EA

09/2008 1,002 EA

10/2008 1,002 EA

Anybody have any suggestions on what I need to look at? My understanding was that the query would used the material movements to calculate the balances for those months.