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Apr 23, 2018 at 01:18 PM

SAP WebIDE: Annotation Modeler Bug?


Hi there,

I'm facing the following error when tryong to open an newly created annotation file:

I followed this steps:

1) I created the destination like this:

2) I waited >5min and opened my project in WebIDE. I then added an oData service:

  • Right-click on project
  • new -> odata service
  • in wizard: "Service URL" --> "app_ssi_desi_sso"
  • I entered the relative URl "desi.xsodata" and clicked on test: Works fine. I can see views + their columns etc I have added to the service

3) Then I created the annotation file:

  • Again right-click on project
  • new -> annotation file
  • I entered name "Task" and chose the OData Service "desi.xsodata"

The odata interface worked so far. As I just wrote: I can see the services and with theor columns and datatypes etc... I can also access the odata service from my controller implementation and show the content in a table f.i.

BUT if I try to open the annotation file created in 3), I get the error message from the above mentioned screenshot.

I tried to debug the javascript source behind the scenes, and found out, that the destination is actually found, but in "config-reload.js" in function "getDestination", the URL comparison fails, but the destination IS correct.

I assume this is a bug in Annotation Modeler...?!

Any hints?