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How to forward Transport Requests by Function Module ?

Good day, People!
Does anyone know how to forward a transport request from one system to another using a functional module?

I found only two consonant functional modules from the functional group "TMS":


I did not manage to launch the functional module "TMS_UI_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST".
It swears at the wrong destination system, although its name is correctly indicated.

I also did not manage to forward transport requests using the function module "TMS_MGR_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST". I tried various input parameters of this module, but all to no avail.

I'm just watching the following entries in the source system's(SID: SRI) ALOG file, when trying to forward requests using a module:

sriadm 20180419132839 RFC: tp ADDTOBUFFER SRDK906219 SRN client200 pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=18267)

In the ALOG file of the destination system(SID: SRN) no entries appear at this time.
In the destination queue of the destination system(SID: SRN), neither in the transaction "stms_import" nor in the output of the "tp" utility does the forwarded request appear.


If you make a forward of a transport request(without data) using the standard SAP-Logon(stms_import -> "Forward Request"(Ctrl + F12)), then the following entries appear in the ALOG files:

ALOG file of the source system(SID: SRI):

sriadm 20180419132839 RFC: tp ADDTOBUFFER SRDK906219 SRN client200 UIF pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=18267)

ALOG file of the target system(SID: SRN):

srnadm 20180419132840 RFC: tp TRANSMITBUFFER SRN pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL REMOTE=SRI -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=12820)
srnadm 20180419132840 RFC: tp IMPORTPREVIEW ALL SRN pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=12820)[/i]


I also then tried to run the command: "tp COMMITBUFFER" on the destination system(SID: SRN), but the command generates an error and the transport request still does not appear in the destination system:

$ tp TRANSMITBUFFER SRN pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL REMOTE=SRI -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans This is tp version 380.39.89 (release 742, unicode enabled) Warning: Parameter DBLIBPATH is no longer used. HALT 20180420134103 ERROR: Could not open internal table TPBUFFER for read access. RFC connection broken or process already offline. This function is not supported in offline mode. [/bas/742_REL/src/cts/tp/tpbuff.c,10842] ERROR: EXIT(16) -> process ID is: 23330 tp returncode summary: TOOLS: Highest return code of single steps was: 16 ERRORS: Highest tp internal error was: 0200 tp finished with return code: 200 meaning: ERROR: see tp's stdout (Standard Out may not be available)


The people, who can share your experience or thoughts, how to forward the transport request by the functional module?

P.S.: Why do I need it? I just want to automate routine tasks and i need way through a functional module.

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  • Igor,

    Can't that be automated in a SAP standard way ?

    I think Basis can schedule a job to run at regular intervals to move the released requests from DEV to QA.

    Why we need to fiddle with standard STMS ?


  • I'm also confused by the question. If the systems are DEV/QA on a transport path then it's a trivial task...

    Raymond already replied but if that is insufficient then more details are needed about the relationship between these systems.

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1 Answer

  • Apr 23, 2018 at 07:32 AM

    TMS_MGR_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST run almost every day on my systems with only iv_request and iv_target (it runs on target system, after a call of TMS_MGR_GREP_TRANSPORT_QUEUE to insure request is not already in the queue) This work for systems described underr STMS.

    For external systems, not in the transport route, there is another step with some basic dataset statements to copy files related to the request from source file system to target file system thru RFC. (Look in the forum for trans/data and trans/cofile for more information)

    Else analyze your versions of transport/ecc or s4 between both systems for compatbility.

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