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Apr 23, 2018 at 06:32 AM

How to forward Transport Requests by Function Module ?


Good day, People!
Does anyone know how to forward a transport request from one system to another using a functional module?

I found only two consonant functional modules from the functional group "TMS":


I did not manage to launch the functional module "TMS_UI_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST".
It swears at the wrong destination system, although its name is correctly indicated.

I also did not manage to forward transport requests using the function module "TMS_MGR_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST". I tried various input parameters of this module, but all to no avail.

I'm just watching the following entries in the source system's(SID: SRI) ALOG file, when trying to forward requests using a module:

sriadm 20180419132839 RFC: tp ADDTOBUFFER SRDK906219 SRN client200 pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=18267)

In the ALOG file of the destination system(SID: SRN) no entries appear at this time.
In the destination queue of the destination system(SID: SRN), neither in the transaction "stms_import" nor in the output of the "tp" utility does the forwarded request appear.


If you make a forward of a transport request(without data) using the standard SAP-Logon(stms_import -> "Forward Request"(Ctrl + F12)), then the following entries appear in the ALOG files:

ALOG file of the source system(SID: SRI):

sriadm 20180419132839 RFC: tp ADDTOBUFFER SRDK906219 SRN client200 UIF pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=18267)

ALOG file of the target system(SID: SRN):

srnadm 20180419132840 RFC: tp TRANSMITBUFFER SRN pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL REMOTE=SRI -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=12820)
srnadm 20180419132840 RFC: tp IMPORTPREVIEW ALL SRN pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans (pid=12820)[/i]


I also then tried to run the command: "tp COMMITBUFFER" on the destination system(SID: SRN), but the command generates an error and the transport request still does not appear in the destination system:

$ tp TRANSMITBUFFER SRN pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_SRD.PFL REMOTE=SRI -Dtransdir=/usr/sap/trans This is tp version 380.39.89 (release 742, unicode enabled) Warning: Parameter DBLIBPATH is no longer used. HALT 20180420134103 ERROR: Could not open internal table TPBUFFER for read access. RFC connection broken or process already offline. This function is not supported in offline mode. [/bas/742_REL/src/cts/tp/tpbuff.c,10842] ERROR: EXIT(16) -> process ID is: 23330 tp returncode summary: TOOLS: Highest return code of single steps was: 16 ERRORS: Highest tp internal error was: 0200 tp finished with return code: 200 meaning: ERROR: see tp's stdout (Standard Out may not be available)


The people, who can share your experience or thoughts, how to forward the transport request by the functional module?

P.S.: Why do I need it? I just want to automate routine tasks and i need way through a functional module.