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DTS with clear, getting locked member fail


I have built a DTS packge including a "clear" part. I get an error and all data is rejected. It says that current members are locked but we dont have anything locked in this application.

<result><STATUS_STEP><![CDATA[Total Step:@20

Dynamic Properties Task: Filename:@ completed in 0 sec.

ActiveX Script Task: undefined:@ completed in 0 sec.

Execute Process Task: Agresso:@ completed in 19 sec.

Truncate GeneralLedger_Promedia:@ completed in 30 sec.

Transform Data Task: undefined:@ completed in 174 sec.

Run spCreate_GGPromediaYTD:@ completed in 88 sec.

Transform Data Task: undefined:@ completed in 2 sec.

Assign parameters:@ completed in 8 sec.

EXPORT_ZERO:@ completed in 330 sec.

LOAD CUBE:@ Failed in 82 sec.







Submit Count : 16356 (Record count in source file : 16356)

Accept Count : 0

Reject Count : 16356

The current members are locked::(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA_NONE', N'2008.OCT')(EBRR_00000, UTFALL, PA_NONE, 2008.OCT),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA565', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA106', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA501', N'2008.OCT'),(EBRR_00000, UTFALL, PA501, 2008.OCT),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA505', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA511', N'2008.OCT'),(EBRR_00000, UTFALL, PA511, 2008.OCT),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA507', N'2008.OCT'),(EBRR_00000, UTFALL, PA565, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_00000, UTFALL, PA505, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_00000, UTFALL, PA507, 2008.OCT),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA541', N'2008.OCT'),(EBRR_00000, UTFALL, PA541, 2008.OCT),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA564', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA566', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA_NONE', N'2008.OCT'),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA_NONE, 2008.OCT),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA106', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA501', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA505', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA511', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA541', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA564', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA565', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBRR_62000', N'UTFALL', N'PA566', N'2008.OCT'),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA106, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA565, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA505, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA564, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA541, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA566, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA511, 2008.OCT),(EBRR_62000, UTFALL, PA501, 2008.OCT),(N'EBTA_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA506', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBTA_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA546', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EBTA_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA_NONE', N'2008.OCT'),(EBTA_00000, UTFALL, PA_NONE, 2008.OCT),(EBTA_00000, UTFALL, PA506, 2008.OCT),(EBTA_00000, UTFALL, PA546, 2008.OCT),(N'EBTA_84000', N'UTFALL', N'PA_NONE', N'2008.OCT'),(EBTA_84000, UTFALL, PA_NONE, 2008.OCT),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA_NONE', N'2008.OCT'),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA_NONE, 2008.OCT),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA505', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA501', N'2008.OCT'),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA501, 2008.OCT),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA505, 2008.OCT),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA541', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA511', N'2008.OCT'),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA511, 2008.OCT),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA541, 2008.OCT),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA554', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA564', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA565', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA571', N'2008.OCT'),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA565, 2008.OCT),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA110', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA83', N'2008.OCT'),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA554, 2008.OCT),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA564, 2008.OCT),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA571, 2008.OCT),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA506', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA507', N'2008.OCT'),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA507, 2008.OCT),(EINM_00000, UTFALL, PA506, 2008.OCT),(N'EINM_00000', N'UTFALL', N'PA546', N'2008.OCT'),(N'EINM_33000', N'UTFALL', N'PA_NONE', N'2008.OCT')

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Oct 15, 2008 at 05:20 PM

    Check the BPC SQL table, dbo.lckAPPLICATION where APPLICATION is the name of your BPC application that you are attempting to clear data from, ie: dbo.lckFinance. BPC uses this table when updating the fact tables to prevent concurrency issues, sometimes when a data import or update is not successful, locks will be stranded in this table. I believe there is another thread discussing the lck table. But it sounds like that might be your issue if you are not using the work status capability. If that's the case and there is not some other process currently running that would require the locks to exist, then you would need to delete all the records from the lck table and rerun your clear.

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    Posted on Oct 15, 2008 at 10:56 PM

    I resolved this same "locked record" problem a few months ago using the method that Sara described and it worked well.

    Best regards,


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