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Oct 15, 2008 at 10:02 AM

NO URL found in Adapter Engine Cache in Tcode:SXI_CACHE


Hi All,

Please find the issues below:

We have done with our Post Installation for PI 7.0 SP 11 server and successfully tested one File to File, File to JDBC, JDBC to File sample scenarios as well.

But after few days some error has occurred for the same scenario of File to File.


 The error was at the Call adapter step at the receiver side. The error was like

AE_GET_DETAILS_ERROR.. No url found for the adapter.

Checks Done:

 TCode: SXI_CACHEGotoAdapter Engine no URL was

configured.(Earlier it was there).

 Tcodes: SLDCHECK and exchange Profile settings as well. No error

was there in the check.

 SLDTechnical System typeXI, all the 6 components are displayed.

 Imported SAP BASIS component to IR again.

 Tcode: SXMB_ADM Integration Engine Configuration, Role is Business System and URL is also maintained.

SICFServices are activated. Ping test success.

 SM59HTTP Connection Success with return code 500.

Changes made:

 Checked All Properties under Repository and Directory Tab in Administration of Start index page. There I could see all the Exchange profile parameters. But one contrast was that the passwords of service users were only 8 characters but in actual its 9 characters in our server. Thinking that could be reason in Call Adapter step, I changed the password to 8 characters in SU01 and Exchange Profile. In Visual Admin: ClusterSIDServerServicesu2014SAP XI Adapter: XI and in serviceu2014SAP XI AF CPA Cache changed the user from XIAFUSER to PIAFUSER andpassword set to new password.

 Restarted the server and refreshed CPA CACHE through the URL.

 Clear SLD Cache from IR and ID.

New Scenario:

 Again recreated the scenario for File to File.

Error After Changes:

Now its not picking up the file itself.

Checks Done:

 All required SICF services are activated and Test default_hostsapxiengine service with PISUPER which showing u201CPipeline specified in URL attribute not existingu201D.

 In RWBComponent Monitoring-->Cache Connectivity Test Central Adapter Engine

Showing Yellow Color.

 RWBComponent Monitoring->Communication Channel Monitoring, None of the

channels are displaying.

 While checked the TCode: SXI_CACHEGotoAdapter Engine no URL was


SICF-->Services are activated. Ping test success.

 SM59-->HTTP Connection Success with return code 500.

 SLDCHECK fine.

I guess the issue lies with Cache Connectivity, no data flow between Integration Server and Integration Directory. I doubt the issues because of changes made in

Please help us out.

Thanks in advance