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EPM old Vaue Retrieval in EPM 10.0 SP29

Apr 25 at 09:26 AM


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We have a scenario below in our project:

Our end - users work on EPM excel sheet to retrieve the old data from BPC and then they do the comparison with third party data.

For Ex. For June there is 37M records , if they change/update the data in BPC cube via DM package or Input form, for June from 37M to 38M, it is difficult to retract in BPC and show in reports the old value (37M for june) as it get overwritten or added.

They do not have version added in the system as they do not want to change anything that in existing.

IS there any way where we can see this old value prior to update?

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Vadim Kalinin Apr 25 at 09:51 AM

There is no way to see the old value before update!

Only in some specific cases you can use special AUDITTRAIL member to post update results. In this case you can see original values with original AUDITTRAIL - for example UPLOAD


You upload third party data into audittrail UPLOAD

Then in DM package you perform some reclassification, posting result to audittrail: ADJUSTMENTS

And you can still compare UPLOAD with original data.

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Thanks a Lot Vadim !! This answers my question.


P.S. Please change your name to the real one! "M S" is violating forum rules. I will not answer next time!

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done ! Thanks.