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POP UP For Username and Password

Apr 25 at 05:17 AM


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Hi Experts,

Is there any function module for pop up for Username and Password.

Req: While creating sales order(VA01), If user enter item retail price is more than market cost then i want to generate the pop up and manager will come and enter him/her SAP username and password.

Pop up should be attached format.pop-up.png

Please Help.



pop-up.png (4.1 kB)
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2 Answers

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Raymond Giuseppi Apr 25 at 05:53 AM

You should build your own dynpro:

  • Create or use a function group in your namespace (eg. Z*, Y*)
  • Create a modal dialog mode dynpro, a dialog box status and a module in this group
  • In the dynpro, declare password field as input and invisible.
  • In PAI of dynpro check validity of password with a FM such as SUSR_CHECK_LOGON_DATA. (Use AUTH_METHOD = 'P')
  • Clear password in memory ASAP.
  • Call the dynpro in the FM.

Consider displaying the pop-up only once, in USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE so manager won't be required every single minute.

Did you/functional consider using a workflow for this kind of requirement?

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Hi Raymond,

Thanks but I am looking FM should be a pop up FM. Please see the attached.




Raymond is saying that you should write your own FM that uses the FM he mentions to the validation. It's a fairly basic piece of dynpro programming. Since it seems very likely that a standard password validation popup FM does not exist, this is your only choice.


I entirely agree with Raymond - this should be done via Workflow.

Rajkumar Narasimman Apr 25 at 05:23 AM

Hi Nagaraju Tumati,

I don't think so about function module for Password field. But still, you can create the custom screen and call it from user exit.

I suggest instead of creating the screen for user credentials(Manager approval), we can go for setting the Delivery and Billing block in sales order for such scenarios.


Rajkumar Narasimman

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Hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for the reply. I have an idea about custom screens and the manager approval is only for sales order create screen.




Delivery and Billing Block is used for blocking further processing and it is not the new concept, we use frequently for all the customers for scenarios like Manager approval.

"the manager approval is only for sales order create screen.

In Real-time, the user sometime won't wait for the manager availability during Sales creation :(. Anyhow it was a suggestion only, if the requirement is to show popup, proceed the same like that.


Hi Rajkumar,

Which is the best area(MV45AFZZ or LV69AFZZ) for create and call custom screen and validate for Item(condition tab) values.




Hi Nagaraju,

"Which is the best area(MV45AFZZ or LV69AFZZ) 

Create the custom screen as 'Modal Dialog Box' in the custom FM(ZCUST_FM_POPUP) and call from user exit MV45AFZZ based on retail price condition.

For Username and Password validation already Raymond Giuseppi suggested the steps in detail above