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Date Services Code page set with Oracle WE8DEC

Apr 25 at 01:23 AM


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The Oracle Database parameter table shows charset is WE8DEC.

Which kind of code page should I use in Data Services 4.2 SP10?

I have tried all kinds of code page listed in Datastore configruation, but all Chinese characters are still sempreroma...

The ECC version is 4.7 with non-unicode environment.

Locale Selector uses defalut database locale.

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2 Answers

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Arun Sasi Apr 27 at 03:58 AM

Thomas Lu

Check what is the value of NLS_LANG on the Oracle Client

Kindly follow SAP Note

2020160 - Chinese character is garbled in Data Services

The Code which you have chosen is correct i.e gb18030


Arun Sasi

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Thanks for your response~

I did it but still not work.

I think the key different is that my Oracle Charset is WE8DEC not ZHS16GBK...


I have got the answer!


Code Page = gb18030

Everything is OK now~


Excellent!! :)

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Former Member Apr 25 at 08:54 AM

From your list the closest match to WE8DEC is ISO-8859-1;
both were designed for Western European languages, and are quite similar.
For details have a look at:

On the other hand, I can't fancy Chinese characters neither in a WE8DEC nor in an ISO-8859-1 database.
If they are really there, this must be due to NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET = UTF8.
So my second choice would be UTF-8.

hope this helps

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I have tried all kinds of pairs with server code page ISO-8859-1/Default, but it still doesn't work...

However, I can fetch correct data from Sap Application side in DS.

I am just doubt about the speed and stability by Sap Application.