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Anyone know if the 'new' ASE Express Edition has any memory limits?

Recently SAP has bumped up the limits on the ASE Express Edition:

- up to 4 engines

- up to 50GB of databases

The old ASE Express Edition limits were:

- 1 engine

- up to 2GB of memory

- up to 5GB of databases

Question: Does anyone know if the new ASE Express Edition has a memory limit, and if so, what is said memory limit?


NOTE: I've successfully started a new ASE Express Edition server with 14GB of memory, so we're obviously no longer limited to 2GB; but short of finding a bigger box and trying different 'max memory' settings it would be nice to know if there's some hard-coded memory limit for the new ASE Express Edition.


NOTE: Yeah, I tried sending an email to SAP (per the 'Contact Us' button at the ASE Express Edition link - above); wanna guess what their reply was? (paraphrased) "We don't know; try posting a question on the new community website; if you don't get any response within 24 hours then ping one of the moderators" *AYFKM* ?!?!?!

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    Dec 06, 2016 at 11:12 PM
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