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exam location, date, time by event package level

when i use assessment for exam, i can save room, location, date & time for module level but in many case i use event package and i want to save this information per event package level.

i want to know how do handle location, room, date & time to event per package level.

there can be many solution but i wander why SAP designed in this way ( currently exam can be done SM level ) and how do you design in this case.


jin dal

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3 Answers

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    Oct 30, 2008 at 09:14 AM

    Dear Song,

    When u open the appraisal screen it asked for SM as well as Event Package details.

    Since recourses are already linked with Business event package, there is no need for giving them here again.

    In schedule assessment you can give the required recourses with examiner role.

    Hope this clears your doubt.


    Vinod kumar

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  • Nov 07, 2008 at 03:56 PM

    Hello Vinod kumar,

    Thanks for your help and let me ask you more detail

    When i use assessment, it can be used for program & module assessment.

    My question is, one module have many event package and assessment are done by event package level not module level.

    and assessment can be done mid-term and final term. in this case how can i link assessment with event package not with module level.

    for example

    i have module hist. 514

    and have hist. 514-01 event package

    hist. 514-02 event package

    hist. 514-03 event package

    and module Hist. 514 have relationship with assessment Hist. 514

    in this case, if assessment must be done event package bases what is your recommendation.


    jin dal

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    • Former Member

      Hi Jin dal ,

      Event package has a list of events which is booked for a student for that year , session . It can be defined as a short term object and it is flexible to be deleted and can be accomadated with the other eventpackage . Modules are the heart of grading and marks are related to assesments . Each assesment has been linked with each template Midterm , Endterm .... . In this case how will you define an eventpackage to be used for assements .

      Put your view points how an assesment will be efficient to be used at the event package level . So it would be great to think more than what we have in the system . Moreover SM is always linked with CE and have each person for each different assesment rather than an event package .



  • Nov 17, 2008 at 06:50 AM

    Dear Jindal,

    I am totally agreeing what Gajalakshmi is saying. We generally use assessment and grading at module level and not at Event Package level.

    We can create courses as modules and attach assessments and appraisal templates to module.

    If the student is booked in many events in a session then it will display all possibilities in and ask you select the required one. Here you can select the event package the student is booked in and proceed with assessment.

    Hope it will clear your doubts.

    Warm Regards

    Vinod Kumar

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