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How can I change pdf content in Sap Abap ?

Apr 24 at 11:14 AM


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Hi everyone,

I have a pdf file and I want to add banner to bottom of file. How can I do this or is something like this possible ?

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3 Answers

Jelena Perfiljeva Apr 24 at 07:19 PM

In general, PDF files can be manipulated using specially designed software or an API. To my knowledge, there is no such functionality in ABAP. If PDF file is generated by SAP (e.g. as a form output) then this part needs to be taken care of in that process. Otherwise I feel it's rather unreasonable to expect from an ERP system to be able manipulate a random PDF file.

This question appears on SCN periodically since at least 2008, please make sure to search before posting.

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Hi Jelena,

Thanks for comment. I have been researching for a long time before asking. Imagine you desing a digital sign scenario. When all approvers sign document(generated with adobe form), you must write approver name and approve time to file. I dont want use third party app. Could you plaese give me an advice for this scenario ?

Example :

ds.png (10.0 kB)

Your requirement is not unreasonable. Your expectation that PDF manipulation should be built into an ERP system is unreasonable. If you disagree, then I suggest that you ask your SAP account manager for it to be implemented as an enhancement.

The capability does not currently exist to manipulate PDF documents in SAP programmatically. You could of course create your own classes to do it - PDF is, I believe, and open standard.


To be clear, "digital signature" <> "a printout is signed and then scanned as a PDF". Digital signature is the whole separate concept, there is a lot of information on this online, including SAP Notes.

What does this document have to do with SAP and why do you expect SAP to manipulate an existing file? That part is still not clear, sorry.

If this document represents a process in SAP (e.g. a purchase order approval) then your task is not "to add a banner to a PDF file". You just need to trigger SAP output after the approval and then the resulting PDF file can have anything you want on it.

Adding signatures to the forms, especially in the PO approval scenario, has been discussed on SCN before.


Can you generate whole PDF in your scenario?

ROBERTO Forti Santos Apr 24 at 07:01 PM

Hi Yunus Emre Biçer,

Maybe you can do using SAP transaction SFP (adobe).


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Himanshu Gupta
Apr 25 at 03:13 AM

Hi Yunus,

You can change the custom PDF file using SMARTFORMS (smartform )or SFP (adobe form) transaction .

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We cannot "change the file". We can just generate a PDF file using a form. It's not the same thing.