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Budget Billing Amount Without History

Apr 24 at 11:03 AM


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Is there any standard SAP solution to calculate the BBP amount for a customer a) with Partial bill history b) with No history. I understand we can either use a template/Maintain Manual History.Is there any other way to achieve this ?

Also if for some reason i have skipped to bill for 3 months.Would it generate 1 invoice and 3 bill documents after 3 months ?What enhancements i can do if i want to charge 3 BB amounts after 3 months ?

Thanks in Advance.


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William Eastman
Apr 24 at 03:08 PM

Have you looked at the events for payment plan functionality? There is one for the amount determination.

As to the question about 3 months bill, since payment plans are controlled by the invoice, one invoice with 3 bills would generate one plan amount request. You can control that behavior in an event as well if you wish to send 3 invoices, or request 3 plan amounts.

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Hi William,

Thanks for your reply.

Since i am new to Budget Billing and currently working on design phase,Could you please suggest which event i can use to achieve the functionality of

1) Amount determination in case of no consumption history

2) 3 Bill Document - 1 Invoice - 3 BBP amount

Thanks in Advance


look here for how to find events.


Thanks William for your information.