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Inconsistency In Inbound Idocs

Apr 24 at 09:44 AM


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There is an outbound idoc of message type MATMAS in TGP system. This idoc is created whenever the user does some changes in TGP and this idoc data goes to the destination system PWP . Now , the problem in our case is :

Sometimes , when the outbound idoc is processed and an inbound idoc is generated in PWP , we see that one segment doesn't have a field .

Like , the outbound idoc has the segment EIMARMM and it has a field GEWEI as KGM . Now , when I am processing this idoc , the inbound idoc in PWP does not have GEWEI field.

How is that possible as the outbound data must be same as the inbound data ? What could be the issue here ?? I have checked BD64 and no data filters are there.

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How exactly do these two systems exchange the IDocs? Is it a direct connection (RFC)? Are there any user exits in the target system?


It's is through direct RFC connection . And I have found no user exits here. Just need to know what could be possible cases that can happen ...

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1 Answer

ROBERTO Forti Santos Apr 25 at 03:55 PM

Hi Subhant,

Check IDoc Segments (header data and item data) by SAP Transaction WE31.


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