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Scheduling background Job for standard Program RBNK_IMPORT_PAYM_STATUS_REPORT


I have schedule the Background Job for the standard program


Problem is in the selection screen of this program contains one Parameter (Pattern in File Name) which will select file from application server folder only.

Now I am not sure how the job will be scheduled to run this program every 5 minute and how it will access the Application Server folder in background.

As soon as file comes in Application folder my job should pick that file and process it in background.

Please Help me out in this


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  • Gaurav,

    Did you try by giving some patterns for the field "Patterns in File name" in Dev and maintaining such files in Appserver and running the program in background or going through the source code ?

    A few trail and error methods can help you decipher the way this field needs to be maintained in a variant.


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1 Answer

  • Apr 24, 2018 at 10:13 AM

    Hi Kiran

    I am doing the following....

    Hi Kiran,

    In development I pressed F4 in Pattern field and select the file and execute it.

    Press the F4 button . It will open the Application server folder to select the file.......

    I select the desired file form the folder....

    And execute the program.

    Now I want to execute in background . As soon as file comes in Application Folder background job will process that


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    • Gaurav,

      I don't have this report in my system.But going by the name of the field "Pattern in File Name" I was expecting the input value should be for ex *.XML so that it will pick multiple files from App server having the file extension as .XML.

      Did you try the above way and see if the program is picking multiple files with that matching pattern ?