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Oct 14, 2008 at 11:29 AM

HOw to start the project for first view in webdynpro application


Hi,I am having a problem regarding scenario for customer feedback for portal end user i.e..wen user login to a application for feedback there it check the Id of the user wether it had given the feedback or not by comparing the Id with the database Idu2019s from SQLserver.If the feedback is thr of that Id then a view shud say u hav already given feedback otherwise feedback form shud open ,the user will giv feedback and closes by thanking with other view.My problem is how to openthe view were it will compare the userlogin Id with the database Id to move further.How shud I handle this scenario for first view.I am creating this application in webdynpro.In this project how shud I manage the viewsu2026