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Apr 23, 2018 at 01:47 PM

Common Dashboard for EDI processes using SAP PO



This is regarding EDI integration. Already the scenarios are developed using PO async interfaces.

For ease of understanding let say it's a 2 interface process. 1st interface is sending Shipment details to the trading partner and eventually receiving AS2 MDN which is confirming the delivery to the trading partner. After some activities at trading partner end, they send the voucher to SAP.

Now, the client wants a common place where they can see how many shipments are sent today and whether the voucher is generated for this shipment or not.

I believe this is possible to combine this using NWDSBPM and may be some dashboard can be created using UI5/Fiori and status captured from BPM process instances can be shown here.

I need your suggestion if there are any other way around to handle this and fulfill client's requirement.

Thanks in advance.