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Apr 23, 2018 at 01:13 PM

How to consume HTTP destination via Java deployed on SCP



any idea how to consume HTTP destination (XSJS service) from Java application deployed on SCP? The XSJS service is protected via basic authentication. I know how to consume HTTP destination just fine when there's no authentication involved. I would like to be able to consume it also with the basic authentication on. The runtime environment for the Java app is Tomcat 8. I was not able to find any examples or tutorials describing the process.

The neo-java-web-sdk-3 connectivity sample application consumes HTTP destination with no basic authentication just fine but returns status 401 (Unauthorised) for any destinations protected by the basic authentication :(

The official documentation does not supply any example for Tomcat 8 runtime. Only for Java EE 6.

Any help is much appreciated!