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Oct 14, 2008 at 05:44 AM

Check printing to handle payment to alternative payee




For our customer, alternative payee is not currently configured.

Finance manually nets the amount between two vendor and then process check payment.

Hence we have a requirement to automatically print a single check for payee and alternative payee together in and net the amount of all invoices.

Currently when we do check printing (copy of SAP program RFFOUS_C), if we have a vendor A and vendor B (whose alternative payee is vendor A), then we get two different checks with Vendor name as Vendor A.

Business requirement is to get single check for Vendor A consolidating the remittance information of both vendors (Vendor A and Vendor B).

We also want this to be reflected properly in check register and check number assigned to both the payment documents.

Technical Changes

The change requires only one check number against 2 Account Numbers of Vendor/Creditor.

In the subroutine scheckinfo_speichern in Program RFFOUS_C, there is a logic to insert a new record in PAYR table against a check number.

Check Number (PAYR-CHECT) is a primary field in the table. Our requirement is to have 2 PAYR-LIFNR entries against the same Check Number(PAYR-CHECT).

But given the structure of the table with Check Number(CHECT) as primary key field, this cant be achieved.

Is there any other alternative for the same.


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