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Oct 13, 2008 at 06:30 PM

ANORETRY - Service Item Deleted



I'm using SRM 5.0 with 5.5 Server.

I have a problem when I send a PR changed from R/3 to SRM.

I created a new PR with this scenery:

10 Service Strucuture

Service Line 10 - Service 01

Service Line 20 - Service 02

Service Line 30 - Service 03

It's work very well... I can send new PR to SRM. But, when I have deleted Service Line 30 - Service 03 in R/3, my PR doesn't arise for SRM with the alteration that I did.

I look in SMQ1 and I have a log with the status ANORETRY and the message mistake: Application aborted due to serious problems.

With material the elimination works correctly, already with the service it doesn't work.

In SRM in the transaction SLG1, I have a gray log without any information.

Anybody knows how can I solve this problem?


Pedro Marques - BR